EMS and ERAD conference

From 4th to 9th September 2022, the Annual Meeting of European Meteorological Society (2022) will be held at the Poppelsdorf Campus of the University of Bonn. The conference will be mostly in-person, with some online moments.

OpenSense members will be present at the conference, with two contributions:

OpenSense members will also present some contributions at the ERAD (European Conference on Radar in Meteorology and Hydrology) conference, from 29th August to 2nd September 2022.

Find out the contributions here:

“Tropical rainfall monitoring with commercial microwave links in Sri Lanka”
Aart Overeem, Bas Walraven, Karlijn Schoenmaker, Hidde Leijnse, Thomas C. van Leth, Linda Bogerd, Jan Priebe, Daniele Tricarico, Arjan Droste and Remko Uijlenhoet Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, Netherlands. (10-10:15 Friday 2nd September 2022 – QPE.T7 Session – Sala 1)

Quality control algorithms for precipitation data from private meteorological stations using weather radar data “ Jan Szturc, Katarzyna Ośródka, Magdalena Pasierb and Anna Jurczyk Institute of Meteorology and Water Management – National Research Institute, Poland. ( Poster session)

“Fusion of multiple precipitation sensors in Skåne, Sweden” Remco van de Beek and Jonas Olsson SMHI, Sweden (Poster QPE2.P9 session)


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