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OISAC workshop at ICASSP 2023

During the 2023 IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP 2023) Opensene members from Tel Aviv University CellenMon Lab, namely Jonathan Ostrometzky and Hagit Messer, organized a workshop on Opportunistic Integrated Sensing and Communication (OISAC). The workshop focus ”OISAC” refers to environmental sensing where the sensing function is added to communication networks without additional hardware. 

The workshop was divided into a keynote and a poster session. The keynotes were given by Hagit Messer from Tel Aviv University, Filippo Giannetti from the University of Pisa, and François Mercier from HD-Rain. They presented a broad overview of the opportunistic sensing via commercial microwave links (CMLs) and satellite microwave links (SMLs), mainly for the purpose of rainfall estimation, with respect to the academic community as well as views from the industry. The poster session covered topics of broad methods using CML, SML and also global navigation satellite system (GNSS), as well as other communication devices used for environmental sensing with discussions lasting two hours. 

For Opensense members with a background in electrical engineering and signal processing, the ICASSP is one the main annual venues. For others with an environmental background, the conferences opened views into a different field of science. The workshop was concluded jointly with traditional greek food. 

The conference was a resounding success, receiving highly favorable feedback from the participants.

As an example, Filippo Giannetti presented a poster with the title “Opportunistic Rainfall Sensing: State of the Art and Perspectives in Italy”, presenting an overview of the Italian research with Opportunistic sensors.

“Our participation in this conference brought immense satisfaction as we showcased the expertise of Italian research groups to the global scientific community in signal processing. With over 3000 attendees, the desire to reconnect in person after Covid restrictions, and the charming setting of Rhodes Island, the event was a remarkable success. We made a significant impact at the OISAC workshop, presenting our work on opportunistic satellite systems. Through personal connections, we explored exciting international collaborations. This experience was a thrilling exchange of knowledge and inspiration, leaving us eager for the future of signal processing.”

– Filippo Giannetti

The full list of the presented posters is summarized in the workshop program website.

Each poster presentation is accompanied by a short paper that was peer-reviewed and will be accessible via the IEEE Xplore website as part of the ICASSP proceedings.


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