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Save the Date: OPENSENSE Training School, 10-12 October 2023 in Tel Aviv

OPENSENSE training school on software and methods for data processing from opportunistic rainfall sensors

Are you a young researcher or a professional working on hydrometeorological data?

Are you interested in exploring new methods for processing opportunistic rainfall sensor data?

This Training School is for you!

Within the COST Action OPENSENSE (CA 20136) we bring together scientists investigating different opportunistic sensors (OS), experts from weather services, and end-users of rainfall products, to build a worldwide opportunistic sensing community. We work on defining standards to allow for large-scale benchmarking of OS precipitation products and develop new methods for precipitation retrieval, and coordinate the integration of the opportunistic observations into traditional monitoring networks. 

Based on the open datasets that we curate and software tools that we develop, we are organizing a three-day training school focused on hands-on exercises aimed for participants wanting to get to know how to process data from opportunistic rainfall sensors: 

CML – commercial microwave link, 

PWS – personal weather station 

SML – satellite microwave link.

We are currently working on the details of the program. But the general framework is already set:

  • When: October 10th – 12th  2023 (potentially with an additional excursion on October 13th October)
  • Who is it for: Young researchers (PhDs, Postdocs, etc) or professional (e.g. from meteorological or hydrological services) who actively work with hydrometeorological data
  • Who is eligible: Participants have to be affiliated with a COST Member country or a near-neighboring country (NNC). More details are provided on page 60 of the Annotated rules for COST Actions.
  • What content will be covered:
    • Open datasets of rainfall OS and their newly established standardized data formats
    • Software tools for CML, PWS and SML data processing
    • Methods for quality control and processing of the OS data full workflow –  from raw data to derived rain products.
  • What will the format of the workshop be: We plan two days of hands-on exercises and one day in which we’ll concentrate on mini-projects where participants can work on their own ideas and data, or on selected small research questions that we propose.

What cost will be covered: OPENSENSE will reimburse all costs for travel, accommodation and daily allowance under the COST guidelines.

How can you apply? 

We will open the application website in May 2023

Since the number of seats is limited, 20 applicants will be selected.

Are you interested?

Fill the form, we will contact you when the applications are open!

Click here.

New to the topic? 

Discover OpenSense and the opportunistic sensors here:

What is OpenSense and how it helps weather monitoring

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