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WG1 on data management and standardization

WG1 is focused on improving availability of well-documented OS historical and operational data and definition of benchmark datasets.
■ WG1

Activity 1

Curation and standardisation of individual datasets

  • T1.1. Defining a common format for data exchange which will allow both the research community and stakeholders to efficiently store, organise and share large datasets. Defining minimal and optimal metadata standards for different sensor types. (RCO 1)
  • T1.2. Coordinating sharing and curation of individual datasets acquired by Action members in past and current projects (e.g. through Zenodo community repository). Coordinating (with WG4, T4.3) legal steps necessary to unlock these datasets and possibly publish them under open licence. (RCO2)
■ WG1

Activity 2

Compiling of (benchmark) datasets

  • T1.3. Gathering an OS dataset geographically covering several neighbouring countries to enable large-scale OS validation (RCO 2)
  • T1.4. Complementing (e.g. with meteo services being part of the Action) existing OS dataset with surface and radar observations from standard monitoring networks and by hydrological (esp. runoff) observations (RCO2).
  • T1.5. Compiling one joint real-world benchmark dataset representing different climatic regions and a representative (sufficiently large) set of OS sensors and standard observations (RCO3)
■ WG1

Activity 3

Establishing operational access to OS

  • T1.6. Establishing and maintaining operational access to OS data from at least two regions/ countries (RCO6).