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WG4 on stakeholder involvement and external communication

WG4 coordinates stakeholder involvement and communication with external stakeholders, the scientific community, and the broader public. It develops strategies for unlocking OS data and their uptake through stakeholder engagement.
■ WG4

Activity 1

Involving stakeholders into Action and networking activities

  • T4.1. Mapping and Inviting the most relevant stakeholders in OS monitoring to join the Action (CBO2, 3)
  • T4.2. Surveying stakeholder needs and expectations with respect to OS. Identification of barriers preventing sensor owners to provide/share their data. Identification of issues causing mistrust to OS observations (RCO9, CBO3)
  • T4.3. Organizing round tables and stakeholder meetings bringing together OS data owners and endusers to discuss (business) models, which would motivate sharing of OS observations and their
    acceptance by end-users (RCO9)
■ WG4

Activity 2

Disseminating results and information on OS datasets and precipitation products

  • T4.4. Communicating results towards the community around satellite precipitation missions e.g. through participation in conferences of the World Meteorological Organization or participation in meetings of the International Precipitation Working Group or the Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites. Involving them in a project on the use of OS for validation and calibration/improvement of algorithms for precipitation satellite observations (RCO8, CBO3).
  • T4.5. Organizing publication of works presented at Action’s Workshops and the Final Conference (RCO7, CBO2).
  • T4.6. Assisting in the implementation of open-science principles, e.g. maintaining Zenodo community repository, publishing software codes e.g. on GitHub, publishing in open access journals (CBO8).
■ WG4

Activity 3

Communicate Action’s results to broader audience

  • T4.7. Establishing an Action’s communication channels including website and social media accounts and administering their content. This will be done in cooperation with setting up the open community
    platform in WG5, which will host this website as a landing page (RCO7).
  • T4.8. Coordinating outreach activities including communication through social media and YouTube
    stream (3.2.2.), (RCO7).
  • T4.9. Coordinating participation in outreach events aiming at laypersons (e.g. European Researcher’s Night) and organizing a hackathon on smart application of OS precipitation data.