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WG3 on merging and application

WG3 coordinates the research agenda on merging different types of OS with each other and with traditional observations. It will coordinate the creation of OS precipitation products in historical and operational mode and their application in weather and hydrological forecasts.
■ WG3

Activity 1

Merging OS observations and creating precipitation products

  • T3.1. Coordinating research agenda on merging OS and standard observations (RCO6).
  • T3.2. Coordinating creation of transboundary precipitation product from past observations (RCO2).
  • T3.3. Coordinating validation of benchmark datasets compiled by WG1 (through comparison of OS
    and standard precip. products) (RCO3).
  • T3.4. Coordinating creation of operational OS precipitation product (RCO6).
■ WG3

Activity 2

Supporting OS application in precipitation nowcasting and hydrological modelling

  • T3.5. Coordinating case studies demonstrating application of OS observations and precipitation
    products in precipitation nowcasting, and hydrological modelling (RCO8)
  • T3.6. Organizing and leading a Training School on OS application targeted at ECIs and stakeholders
    in operational hydrology/meteorology and water management (RCO7, CBO2,5)